I bought the original GSC / GSC2012 do I have to buy GSC 2013?

Yes, GSC2013 is a new and independent product from the previous versions.

Will GSC2013 work on a Mac / iPad / xBox?

Game Stock Car Extreme is a Game for Windows PC. It might work in a Mac with a Windows emulator, but that option is not supported. Please check the minimum / recommended specs

Installation / Activation

Do I only get 3 activations with my Serial Number?

At once, yes. If you run out of activations, you may request a renewal of your Serial Number. Contact for Serial Number related requests.

I have lost my Serial Number or run out of activations, what can I do?

Contact, supplying the email you used in your purchase.

Can I use my Serial Number to activate the game in more than one computer?

You will be able to activate multiple systems, but you should not run them simultaneously.

Game options & settings

Will the original GSC/GSC2012 add-ons be compatible with GSC2013?

They should be.

WIll the skins I did for GSC2012 work in GSC2013?

They will but you might need to apply the new alpha layers to convert them. These are available from the DOWNLOADS section

Why are the 2012 Stock Cars no longer available?

Technical and licensing limitations prevent them from being included in the 2013 update.

What is the right Steering Wheel configuration for these cars?

In the CONTROLS menu there are presets for many of the popular steering wheels on the market. Those are the best base settings for the Game, though you might prefer mapping buttons to your own preference.
The game and the default car setups are suitable to 270 degrees of rotation, adequate to the standards of most game controllers. With a proper steering wheel, you can achieve a more realistic steering ratio setting wheel rotation to 540 degrees and a steering lock (located in the in-game garage Menu) around 20-22 degrees.

These settings should work well for all cars in the sims except for the kart – these demand steering rotation set to 180-220º .
Make sure to also update the

“steering wheel range=”

parameter accordingly in your profile´s controller.ini, so that the in-game wheel rotation match that of your controller.

How do I adjust the head movement in the Cockpit view?

Go to Options -> Controls -> Controller 2 -> Adjust the Head movement slider (0%-100%). This only works in the full cockpit view.

How does Push-to-Pass work?

Push-to-pass adds an extra 500 RPM + 50 HP to the engine temporarily to assist overtaking. It can only be used in races, up to 8 times, and with an interval of two and half minutes between uses.

How do I get Push-to-Pass working?

Simply assign a button to ‘Push to Pass’ in the Controller 1 menu and then press this button in race mode when you wish to use it. A message will tell you how long before you can use it again.

How do I turn the Trackamp on/off?

Press NumPad 0 to cycle between rotating, fixed and off. You can map a different button to this function by editing TrackMapConf.txt in the GSC\Plugins\TrackMap.

How do I get a clearer view from the rear mirrors?

We have modelled the rear parts of the car to be visible in the mirrors for extra depth and immersion – you don´t get a clear view in a race car! You may however disable these elements if you so prefer, by editing your .PLR file inside USERDATA\(your name) folder. Look for the parameter Self In Cockpit Rearview=”15″ , and change the “15” to “0” to get a clear view.

I´m getting poor performance during night races.

Look up the “Max Headlights=”256″ setting on your PLR file. You can turn that way down to even single digits, it should be a big performance saver. Do expect a performance hit relative to daylight racing in any case.

Why are the track flags are flapping widely or not moving at all?

This is an issue with the flags animation being tied to time lapse in-game. Make sure time acceleration is set to “Normal” to get the flags waving normally.

I see some cars have different cockpit / steering wheel details from others. How can I change that in my custom car?

Both the StockV8 (6 types of dash profiles) and Formula 3 (two types of steering wheel / dash profiles) can vary from each other according to the genstring setting in the car´s .veh file (inside GSC\gamedata\vehicles\(car\team). Documentation on these variables can be found in the template packages of each car on the Downloads section

Which ports do I need to open on a dedicated server in order to host?

TCP port 34747 must be opened. In addition to this, the UDP port numbers are listed in the multiplayer.ini as 34597 and 34697 by default need to be opened. You need to open from these two UDP numbers upwards for each server you have open.


Installation stops with an error in file “X”;

Most likely one or more of the installer files was corrupted during download. Try downloading again, or run GSC Sync after the installation has finished so it can replace the damaged file(s).

I can´t install or run GSC2013;

Make sure to run the Game executable with Windows admin rights; if the user is not a Windows administrator, just right-click on the icon and select “run as admin”.

I can´t activate the Game;

Make sure that 1) The computer is connected to the internet; 2) the Serial Number was typed in correctly and in the appropriate place; 3) That there is no Firewall or Antivirus interfering with the activation process.

Why do I get mixed classes when attempting to run a race for the first time?

On your initial run with a fresh player profile (.PLR), this might happen. Go back to the menu, select another series, and it should sort itself out.

I have invisible cars / really poor performance.

You´re running way higher settings than your system can handle and GSC is struggling to cope. Try turning down graphical settings – opponent detail, shadows, texture detail and visible vehicles provide the bigger performance gains.